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Me vs. Nicotine:battle of quitting.

Battling against nicotine is a tough battle. I recently started smoking when I was on trip to Europe, everybody was smoking around me. When exploring the cities or some good bistros, cigarettes were always around the corner of my eyes. I knew it would be a bad decision to smoke but I succumbed to the temptation. After I came back home, I noticed that I brought back the smoking habit with me.

At my work, during the break, it’s always a good opportunity to get out with coworkers and go for a smoke. It felt so good to socialize with people from different department, growing my networking while the nicotine addiction was growing as well. I found myself buying a pack of cigarettes every two days. It was very painful on the budget and my poor lungs. I subconsciously knew I hated what I was doing but I just couldn’t simply quit. I tried several times and success was always out of my reach.

My girlfriend came across Smokers’ cleanse while she was shopping at Goodness me. After she gave me the cleansing product, I read the reviews on the product and I liked the fact that the content is all natural. Shortly after I stopped smoking on november 8th, I started the cleansing. Let me tell you, I feel good.

The cleansing process can be completed in 30 days or 90 days depending how long you have been smoking. Smoking and nicotine affected my health, mood, budget and the people around me. I’m glad that I won the battle of quitting cigarettes, now life is tasting like the good old days.