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A sweet taste of Africa

Two years ago, while I was on my quest for trying different wines, I stumbled on a very unique and rich wine. The Two Ocean Sauvignon Blanc is a surprising wine for the price. The first time I tried it, it offered me a very easy, smooth and fruit forward taste. I have a picky background in selecting my wine but I must say that the “Two Ocean” easily seduced me. In wine tasting the aftertaste or finish of a wine, is an important part of the evaluation. After tasting the Two Ocean Sauvignon Blanc , I couldn’t feel the persistent, bitter aftertaste in a wine.

Whether you are completing your christmas selection for wines or just looking for a new wine to try, the Two Ocean Sauvignon Blanc is definitely going to tantalize your curiosity. Coming from the southern tip of Africa, where two mighty oceans meet ( Two Oceans), this wine will take your taste and your happy moment to Africa. For more information on the Two Ocean Sauvignon blanc and all the Two Oceans collection, please take a moment and taste the following website: