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I did clean it honey…I swear!!!

Who do you think can do the best job when it comes to cleaning the house? According to me , men and woman are equally good at making the house look immaculate. Few female friends think men can’t really clean the house and obtain the picture of clean. Well I’d like to allow my girlfriend to share with us her insight on this interesting subject:
I DID CLEAN IT HONEY….I SWEAR!!!  Ever heard this when you come home expecting a nice clean house only to be disappointed as you walk through the door?  I don’t want to be sexist, but for this blog let us assume that ladies are the ones disappointed when they leave their men to clean up a bit while they run errands/work and come back to something less than the perfect picture of clean that she was expecting.
I know that it is not always the woman who cleans and each relationship has its roles within, but for the purpose of my point here,  I am just going with women clean better than men….
So…I use to be a strong believer that if I asked my boyfriend to clean or do something he would do a half-ass job so that I wouldn’t ask him to do it again.  I just assumed that he was not trying or giving it 100% because if he did it well maybe I would ask him to do it again and he wanted to avoid that at all costs!  I actually discussed this frequently with my girlfriends trying to get an idea if my man was the only one doing this or was this a national trend that I was just going to have to deal with?  Of course, they were having a similar issue.  Everytime they asked their husband or boyfriend to help out with something the results didn’t come close to what they would have done. The saying “If you want it done right, do it yourself” was ringing all too true here.  So then what? Do i just take over the cleaning duties of the whole house because he does not do it like i would?  Absolutely NOT! this is a partnership…and I am not your maid! 
So at dinner with friends one night we brought this subject up and accused the men at the table of slacking on cleaning duties so that we wouldn’t ask them to do it again. We thought “HA, we are so on to their game…they are going to HAVE to do better now!!”  well….we were wrong (and I don’t accept that fact easily!)  My best friend’s husband explained that actually that is not true at all. He explained that men do try their best and at no time slack off so that they can get out of it.  I don’t expect this is the case for all men, but he said simply enough “Women just have a higher standard of clean than men”. Ok…i can accept that, but then if you know your standard is lower than mine…why don’t you just clean it better? He explained that when they finish cleaning they see it as completely clean, so we can’t fault them.  Well then I guess that is that…so ladies, don’t fault the men in your lives for not being as particular as you. In their eyes, they are doing what you asked them to the best of their ability.
The only question left is…do they slack on other things to get out of doing it again? (grocery shopping? laundry?) Maybe we will never know….