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The myth about winter driving.

Sitting at my desk today and going through some paperwork, I heard one of my peer screaming “oh no, it’s snowing’ already”. After seeing the flurries in the air and all over the cars in the parking, I knew Mr. Jack Frost is here. Shortly after that, I received a text message from my girlfriend saying drive carefully, it’s snowing. After driving in Montreal, QC during the winter time, I learned some valuable winter driving skills. Feeling confident enough about my skills, I was questioning myself if I really need to buy winter tires this year.

A study conducted by the Quebec Ministry of Transport showed that a proper winter tire can improve braking up to 25 per cent over an all-season radial tire, and can improve collision avoidance by approximately 38 per cent. After further research about the winter driving topic on transport Québec, I came across the ten myths about winter driving that I would like to share:

Feeling confident about your driving skills doesn’t mean putting all the chances on your side for preventing winter driving accident. I also learnt that All-season tires do not have cold weather rubber compounds, channelling tread patterns, the large number of tread sizes for wet surface control, and the open tread block pattern for deep snow traction that winter tires feature. Here’s an example of a winter tires, please observe the life saving treads on the tire:

When it comes to driving in winter, safety comes first. Don’t forget to book an appointment with your mechanic and make sure you are good to go for the winter.