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Here goes another flu season.

One should wonder why he  is always getting sick when summer leaves us for a vacation somewhere in the Caribbean.  After 7 years in Canada, I should know better right…Well guess what, I don’t. I just spent one week of my lifetime being the most miserable sick patient ever:((.

It started on monday, shortly after thanksgiving, here comes all the symptoms: Fever,cold, muscles aches, fatigue etc…

“Influenza” that’s how she called it…At first I thought she was speaking african lol then my girlfriend went on explaining what it is flu and how you can catch it. When you have a flu, I don’t think knowing the definition or the story about influenza is the first thing that comes to your mind. The only thoughts going through my head at the time, was when is she going to reach the best part of her story: How to cure influenza.

Someone gotta beat this flu…Who is going to wear the super hero costume??? Oh wait, I know it is me, oh for God sake I’m sick. Curiosity led me to my laptop and i google imaged “Influenza”, I found some unhappy images  that wouldn’t help in my fight.

The only eureka  image was the following, it shows a present and future solution to my fight:

Further down, I found that according to health Canada : Over the course of a normal flu season, one in 10 adults and one in three children will come down with the flu. Five days after, I regained the full tastes of my senses:)) …I won’t forget the help of Mr. Medications, queen Water, my best buddy Nap, the oracle Soup and my lovely girlfriend.

Once again men has won the battle Man VS Influenza.