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15 useless facts, yet interesting.

When I started dating my girlfriend, we quickly discovered our mutual interest about useless and interesting facts. So we decided to send each other back and forth a good fact of the day. Here’s 15 best useless facts, yet interesting for your leisure time:
* Both men and women can be turned on by the aromas of  wine. The scents of many wines are believed to replicate human pheromones, the chemical substances that cause behavioral responses in humans.
* Chocolate is actually a valuable energy source. A single chocolate chip can provide enough energy for an  adult human to walk 150 ft.
* Research has confirmed that chocolate is a good source of the kind of antioxidants found in tea. But actually, the antioxidant content of chocolate is four times that of tea. Plus, the fat in chocolate can help your immune system and it can also help outwit cytokines by reducing your susceptibility to infections and inflammation.
* When a person falls in love, the ventral segmental area in the brain floods the caudate nucleus with dopamine. The caudate then signals for more dopamine; the more dopamine, the higher a person feels. The same system becomes activated when someone takes cocaine.
* In 1925, a con artist sold the Eiffel Tower for scrap – twice!
* Fossil remains show humans existed in Africa over 4 million years ago and perhaps as long as 7 million years.
* The skin of the average female weighs 3 kilograms…the skin of the average male weight 5 kilograms
* Gustave Eiffel, designer of the Eiffel tower, enjoyed a succesful career as an architect despite having dyslexia and a paralysing fear of heights
* The first product that Sony came out with was the rice cooker
* In India, women wear rings in their noses to show they are married.
* The name Pepsi came from the word “dyspepsia” since it was originally thought to be a medicine against indigestion.
* An octopus’ testicles are located in its head.
*  Oral-B were the first toothbrushes to go to the moon when they were aboard the Apollo 11 mission.
* Did you know that Oral-B stands for Oral and B for Better
* The Nazis killed approximately two-thirds of all Jews living in Europe and an estimated 1.1 million children were murdered