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Simple and easy preparation of a good steak

Dreaming about a nice and juicy steak can be a very satisfying and expensive dream. I decided to bring the steak party in my kitchen and I should enjoy a good steak at my convenience. I got this recipe from a good friend of mine and since then I’ve been using it with my own twist.

This is in my opinion the best way to prepare and cook a steak:

My favorite cut is a beef tenderloin(T-bone for my preference ) or a sirloin will work just fine. The thicker the steak, the easier it is to cook to your liking. For a medium rare follow this:

The first step is to let your steak sit on the counter for one hour prior to cooking, to get close to room temperature and season the steak with a good rub of olive oil and coat both the top and bottom with your favorite spice [ Montreal steak with a bit of parsley or Provencal herbs is really nice]

A cast iron pan is my favorite, heat the pan with nothing in it, once it’s hot throw in a piece of butter [table-spoon] and the same amount of olive oil.

At the first sign of smoke, place the steak side down first and sear it for 3 minutes, turn over and sear the other side for 3 minutes.

When you turn over the steak, take a spoon and tilt your pan (don’t forget your oven mitt)  and spoon the juice in the pan over the steak a couple of times.

After the other side is done, remove the steak and place it in a cold pan and
place it a preheated oven [400] for 5 minutes. Pour the juices from the hot cast
iron pan over it.

Remove the steak from the oven and wrap it in a foil and again, pour the juices from the oven pan over the steak. Let it rest for 5 minutes.

You are now ready to have the best steak of your life.


Note: Reduce the cooking time by the thickness of your steaks.

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