Here goes another birthday.

Happy Birthday to me on this very special day, I hope that I don’t die before my birthday dinner.  Im’ so exited about my birthday dinner that my girlfriend is cooking with so much love. I’d like to share a piece with all of you but before that  lets all scream ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ to captain Christian:


About Christian

People often views me as a well cultured, interesting and fun person to be around. Passionate about education, learning new things, traveling, music, social moments, and inspirations.

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  1. Happy Birthday Captain Christian!
    I must admit, the dinner looks so delicious!

    You must bring a birthday cake for us on saturday 🙂
    Or are we suppose to bring you one!?

  2. hahahaha yeah that dinner was made with love 🙂 it tasted really good.

    Birthday wishes are like cake, thanks for the wish. if we go for lunch on saturday, we all may get a piece of cake for my birthday.

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