Is music truly the harmony of the spheres?

Living in an era where music has grown to become a very important part of our social life, we came to witness music create some of those unique moments , memories, experiences and soul healing factors from the burden of our life.

As a fast growing society, where music has become a loud noise coming out of a speaker box or another element that we can sell and make a profit on it,  one should be asking himself whether we are preserving the true essence of the music or changing his great recipe.

One of my biggest passion of all time is music, I have been listening to music my whole life until I came to the conclusion to believe that music is the harmony of the spheres. Having to be on the highway everyday, and running from bumper to bumper can be a very stressful experience. The good news is that instead of looking at my commute as a long and stressful ride, music has transformed my commute into an enjoyable and relaxed ride. My iphone is what i used to store my music, what a great invention.

How many times have we been to a wedding without a disc jockey also known as DJ or a band? Last weekend, I attended a beautiful wedding and there wasn’t a disc jockey or  music. It was a beautiful day and the wedding was an outdoor event. During the exchange of the wedding vows, I noticed that the only musical instrument was an accordion. It was actually quite unique to experience the presence of love mixed with a blend of song  that created a life time moment for the newlyweds and their guests.

Rethinking about the earthquake that devastated Haiti and living the all country in a in big pile of  damage was a very sad moment for the whole world. Shortly after the earthquake, a group of american musician recorded a charity single song called “we are the world 25 for Haiti”. A song that was filled with courage, motivation, and inspiration for the whole word to give an hand to the people of Haiti. Please have a moment of silence and listen to the song in the memory of Haiti earthquake victims:

What can I say, we all love music 🙂 hehehe …From one genre to another, we sure find our inner harmony that we are looking in a specific moment of our life.


About Christian

People often views me as a well cultured, interesting and fun person to be around. Passionate about education, learning new things, traveling, music, social moments, and inspirations.

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  1. As I become older, I am becoming more emotional. I was watching a piece on K’Naan..hope I spelt his name correctly, and I was very impressed with the way he is still very supportive of his country. The words in “Waving Flag” are riveting and I enjoy his music. It actually brought tear to my eyes after seeing the piece on W5.

  2. Thanks Michelle for your comments, it added a little spice to my blog hehehe, As we grow older, our emotions go along with our body, making more room for our emtions. K’naan is a great talented african singer. He pays great tribute to his country in the song”waving flag”.It is such an inspirational song for the somalian country and many african countries.

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